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      Walk through our doors any time day or night! 

                                So you've decided to sell your home yourself? Then we can help!                              
 Our website enables you to advertise your home on the web 24/7.
Why?  Because 90% of today's homes sold are viewed on the Internet.

Looking for your dream home?  Maybe a rental property?  Just give us a click ……..You just might find it here!

We are proud to bring you For Sale by Owner homes, property, and land for sale within a five county area!

We provide effective advertising for home sellers and easy searches for home buyers. We do not represent customers as a broker or agent.

There are no commissions to pay, only a small advertising fee! Since most houses sell between 60-120 days we offer 3 packages for your convenience. We'll even take the pictures for you!

Contact us today at or text/call us at (270) 929-5948

Our area businesses page features local businesses that would be happy to help you spruce up your home whether you're selling or buying!  Give them a look!

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER is an advertising avenue for homeowners to sell their homes themselves. is NOT a representative for any properties on our website.  You must contact the owner(s) directly to view or ask any questions about their property. is not a, nor affiliated with a licensed real estate broker(s) or in any way involved in brokering any real estate transactions.  We do not advise sellers, buyers, lessors, or lessees nor does negotiate the sale or purchase of real estate on behalf of any party posted on this website or otherwise. does not refer individuals to others for fees, compensation or other consideration.  No brokerage, agency or fiduciary relationship of any type is intended to be or shall be regarded to have been created between and any seller, buyer, lessor or lessee of real estate.  Any negotiations, agreements, compensation or other transactions relating to any real estate listed on this website are the sole responsibility of the parties involved. assumes no responsibility concerning any user of this website or any posted real estate on this website.  The accuracy of information provided by users of this website or the financial wherewithal of prospective purchasers is the responsibility of the individuals involved. expressly rejects any and all liability relating to the negotiation, sale or purchase of any real estate which may be posted or described on this website.  Users of this website are strongly advised to obtain the services of a real estate attorney to assist in the negotiation and sale of any real estate.  Fees are non-refundable if home sells during the contract period.


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